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Floral Or Flower Walk-in Coolers are made from the same type of material as our Restaurant Walk-In Cooler or our Convenience Store Walk-in Coolers, the different is the refrigeration equipment we use to cool and maintain the flowers at the right temperature and the right amount of cool air so the petals and the leaves do not turn brown and stay fresh longer. 

We can make you one of our many to choose from standard size Walk-in Coolers or help you design your custom made Walk-In Cooler, you can incorporate Glass Doors with LED Lights and Shelves for your customers to reach into the cooler and pull the fresh flower arrangement already made or you can use View Windows for the customer to look into the Flower Walk-In Cooler to see what flowers are available and help you pick and choose the flowers they want by pointing them out. 

The ultimate Flower Walk-In Cooler awaits you, help us design it for you.  

We welcome your email or call, we will HELP you design your Flower Walk-in Cooler With or Without Glass Doors and maybe a View Window with over 35 years of experience there is nothing we have not done or won't do.

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