Combination Walk-In Cooler and Walk-In Freezer ⦿

Outdoor Options Available ⦿ Other Sizes Offered Upon Request

If you need a Walk-in Cooler and a Walk-In Freezer next to each other a Combination is the way to go, combinations are custom made to fit your space and your needs we can built them to have you, walk in from the inside the Walk-In Cooler into the Walk-In Freezer or you can have both doors on the outside walls having separate entrance doors for both the Walk-In Cooler and the Walk-In Freezer. Since combinations are custom built to size there are almost no limit to the overall dimensions. Take a look at some of the samples below in the drawing gallery. 

We welcome your email or call, we will HELP you design your Walk-In Cooler Walk-In Freezer Combination.

Gallery For Combinations Coolers and Freezers

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